Join the South Jersey Gardening Community!

🍅 Pick veggies from your backyard, not the grocery store.

Starting a suburban garden teaches you patience.

You may have given it a shot in the past, and your plants didn’t do well.

Or, worse yet, they died for an unknown reason you cannot figure out.

It takes years of experience to truly become an expert.

Unfortunately, most people quit after their first attempt and chalk it up as a failure.

Don’t Let Mistakes Stop You

This was my “garden” in the first year.

Yes, it was a single potted plant that yielded about 3 tiny peppers!

I had to move it every time I mowed.

But I’m not one to give up.

Over the next winter, I went “all-in” on transforming my yard from grass to an organic vegetable growing machine.

That’s what it looks like today.

My mission now is to create a community of local gardeners to pass on the knowledge and learn from you, too!

Stop Wasting, Start Producing

While 2020 is over, I hope several lessons are burned into your brain.

🍔 Our food & health systems are broken

👔 We rely too much on big companies

👨‍🌾 We are disconnected from local farms

My goal this year and beyond is to fix all of these issues locally.

I want South Jersey homeowners like you to make better use of your backyard!

Each fall, it drives me crazy when I see street after street filled with leaves, waiting to be taken away.

That’s a valuable natural resource that keeps your soil healthy to grow your own food.

Do you get the same feeling when you’re walking your dog and you see a lawn sign with a recent pesticide application?

Or when pounds of food waste end up in the landfill?

If so, raise your hand. ✋

Our society has become completely disconnected from our physical world.

❌ We don’t know how our food is produced.

❌ We stopped caring where our food comes from.

❌ We have no respect for nature.

According to the Department of Health & Human Services, less than 5% of adults are physically active each day for 30 minutes, while kids are in front of a screen for 7.5 hours.


Is it any surprise why we suffer from anxiety and struggle to cope with difficult times?

If you care about the environment and your well-being, it’s time to step up your game this year.

🌱 Starting a garden is the answer.

It forces you to get outside, exercise, and take a much needed mental break from modern life.

You won’t regret it!

Everything You Need to Succeed This Season

When you join the South Jersey Gardening community, here’s what you’ll get:

✅ Seed Starting Kit

✅ Printable Plant Calendars

✅ Gardening Guides

✅ Private Facebook Group

Plus much more in-store for the future!

Seed Starting Kit

I’ve done the work for you, so you can begin planting immediately.

The seed starting kit includes:

✅ 10 Jiffy Peat Pellets

✅ 10 Plastic Pots

✅ 10 Bamboo Plant Labels

✅ Spinach Seeds

✅ Cilantro Seeds

✅ Carrot Seeds

✅ Rattlesnake Pole Bean Seeds

Plant Calendars

Get 1-page cheat sheets for 35 popular vegetables, greens and herbs!

✅ Arugula

✅ Basil

✅ Bean

✅ Beet

✅ Broccoli

✅ Brussel Sprout

✅ Cabbage

✅ Carrot

✅ Cauliflower

✅ Celery

✅ Chard

✅ Chives

✅ Cilantro

✅ Collard

✅ Corn

✅ Cucumber

✅ Dill

✅ Eggplant

✅ Kale

✅ Kohlrabi

✅ Leek

✅ Lettuce

✅ Melon

✅ Okra

✅ Onion

✅ Parsley

✅ Pea

✅ Pepper

✅ Pumpkin

✅ Radish

✅ Rosemary

✅ Spinach

✅ Squash

✅ Thyme

✅ Tomato

Gardening Guides

🚧 Currently in-progress!

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